I Had Lyme Disease

An engorged deer tick or “black-legged tick,” that spread the disease. Image by Jerzy Gorecki on Pixabay

It probably wasn’t Lyme disease anyway, because that sounded serious and I was obviously fine.

She took some blood, because apparently the tick hadn’t stolen enough from me, and explained that they wouldn’t know the results for about a week. I was to take antibiotics “just in case” that would knock out the infection. By the time I knew if I actually had had the disease, it would hopefully be gone.

Early prevention is key.

I caught the diagnosis very early, and that was a huge part of why the disease didn’t turn ugly. Truth be told though, I never would have if it wasn’t for that alarming rash on my thigh.

The invincible syndrome.

I clearly had the attitude of being undefeatable, thinking that although I found ticks on me constantly, I would never get Lymes.

That’s something that happens to other people.

Since then, I’ve had a lot of things happen to me that are “supposed to happen to other people,” and I realize that this attitude is no way to look at life.

Everything raw and real. Be good humans, we’re all in it together.

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