Ending the Stigma that Comes with Self-Help Books

I shouldn’t be embarrassed about my favorite genre.

Rosemary Loshin
3 min readMay 11, 2019
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Please don’t ask me what I’m reading, please don’t ask me what I’m reading…

I love all sorts of books, but these days mainly self-help books line my shelves. Not the corny kind with titles like “How to Keep a Good Man” though.

See what I did there? I immediately feel the need to defend what I read. Like it’s anyone’s business why I get so much out of this particular genre.

I can’t be the only one cowering in the self-help section of the bookstore. It’s almost as bad as when you’re nose deep into the Kama Sutra Bible and a sweet little granny comes by; you can just feel her judging eyes on the back of your head.

Maybe the longstanding stigma regarding self-help books has gotten to me and I instinctively became ashamed of something I shouldn’t be.

Vulnerability is too often seen as a sign of weakness, especially in men that are supposed to be exemplary standards of macho-ness, aka douche bags.

It needs to end.

My conviction for these books is strong, and despite all the love I have for other genre’s, I am most…



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